Arsenal might be at the top of the Premier League table at the minute, but, there are a lot of people who don’t see them becoming the eventual champions simply because they believe that the Gunners would struggle to beat top league teams later on in the season and that’s not completely wrong.

Arsenal’s performances against teams like Chelsea and Manchester City have not been even close to par so far and they themselves would be worried about that too. They would be aware of the fact that to achieve glory in the league, they would have to secure points against the strong sides.

Jermaine Jenas, a player of the championship side Queens Park Rangers, also had the same thing to say yesterday when he was in the studio of a TV channel as an analyst.
When asked about the performance of the Gunners in the season and their chances of winning the league, the 30 years old midfielder said, “Look, their stats right now are looking awesome. They have made huge strides in the last one year, but, one thing that they will have to ensure is that they collect points against the big sides because it’s those matches that are going to win you the league.”

“I have felt that they have crumbled a little bit against the big sides. They got beaten by City and then, against Chelsea, they got just one point.”

“There is no doubt that they are in contention, but, so are some of the other teams. It’s very close this time around.”

Jenas had signed for the Rangers at the start of the last year after leaving Tottenham Hotspur where he spent about 7 and half years and made more than 150 Premier League appearances.