Jenas Feels Arsenal Stats Closer To Invincibles

Jermaine Jenas is hopeful about Arsenal’s figures and has openly declared that he finds the Arsenal stats scarily similar to Invincibles.

However, he also noted that the Gunners should start on winning matches against the Premier League contenders.
The midfielder from Queens Park joined up Sarah Mee frecetly to analyze all actions of Premier League & was pretty pleased with Arsenal’s solid 2-0 win against Fullham.

This victory helped Wenger’s (Arsene) side to retain 1 point lead against Manchester City team in the competition for title with fifty-one- simple one point lesser the squad achieved 10 years earlier in 2003-04 in the same season.

Jenas has expressed that Arsenal’s statistics seem to be really promising to him. In his own words- “It is a pretty scary stat taking into account that that squad could not be beaten that year & they are just a point below them. It simply shows that how much they have been able to come on in comparison to the earlier sessions to this session. They have started winning all the significant matches that win the championships.

Wenger’s (Arsene) side have just lost out on 3 matches- Aston Villa, Manchester United & Manchester City. They would be facing Liverpool & United again in the coming month. Jenas is somewhat confirmed that it is high time that Arsenal starts beating the major clubs.

“I do not feel that they have been able to do it quite against the elite clubs yet”, Jenas added in. “They did not win the match when Chelsea battled them at Emirates. They are required to start successfully taking on those matches if they are on the mission of earning the title. They are into amazing position for 1st quarter of this season yet they have quite a long way before them & several other elite teams to compete against on the way.