Jermaine Jenas says that he would reconsider signing for Newcastle United

Former England international Jermaine Jenas says that he would reconsider signing for Newcastle United if he was a young player.

Jenas played for Newcastle during the prime of his career. He represented the club in more than 100 matches during his three-year spell at St James’s Park. Back then, the club were in a position to challenge for the Champions League spots. Now, though, they have regressed a lot and struggle to even finish in the top 10 of the Premier League. On the positive side, owner Mike Ashley has made the club extremely profitable with more than £ 30 million in cash reserves alone.

The club supporters have been recently protesting against the huge amount of money lying in the bank at a time when it could be reinvested in the squad. Ashley was prepared to sell the club a long time ago. Unable to find a buyer, he has then made the club into a profitable business. There are very few football clubs that can claim to be in a strong financial position as Newcastle are right now. However, this has affected them on the field and Jenas says that the club are no longer an attractive destination for a young player looking to improve his career.

“When you look at Newcastle now, I think they feel lost to an extent.I joined Newcastle because they were a club full of aspiration with world class players. Shearer was there, Bellamy, Dyer. Players all striving to get in the Champions League and we achieved that two years on the spin.I wouldn’t have gone there, it’s as simple as that.As a teenager aspiring to achieve things in the Premier League is Newcastle one of those clubs anymore which make you go ‘yeah I know I can go there and achieve a lot and develop into the player that I want?’ I’m not so sure,” said Jenas.