Jermaine Jenas lauded on James Effots

Jermaine Jenas has lauded James McCarthy’s effort for the Toffees in the game versus Lille.

On a social networking site, Jenas wrote, “There was no stopping James McCarthy at Goodison Park. The young man was absolutely brilliant. Well played.”

Although McCarthy did not manage to score any goal in that Europa League game but, he created a lot of opportunities and it would be fair to say that without his contribution, Everton might not have won the game as clinically as they did.

McCarthy’s hamstring has been a little tight of late and that’s why, he had looked a bit circumspect in his movements in the last few games, but, yesterday, he was at the top of his game.

Everton defeated Lille by 3-0 which made them displace the German club Wolfsburg from the first position in Group H.
Wolfsburg is at no. 2 now, one point behind Everton. Each team in the group has to play a couple of more games.

But, on the basis of the current situation, one can assume that Everton and Wolfsburg would be in the Round of 32 unless the bottom two teams i.e. Lille and Krasnodar do something miraculous.

Lille has just 3 points in 4 games, while, Krasnodar has 2 in as many games as far as Everton’s numbers in the Premiership are concerned, they are not as impressive as the fans would have liked at this stage.

The Toffees are in top 10 in the league at the moment, but, only somehow. They have won three games so far.

They could have won at least a couple more and could have been in a better position. They have not played poor football. It’s just the small things that they need to work on. If they do, they would certainly be more consistent.