BBC Pundit and Ex- Newcastle United midfielder, Jermaine Jenas says Sunderland’s Wahbi Khazri could hold the key to the Black Cats’ survival chances.

Jenas admitted he was impressed with Sam Allardyce’s side in their goalless draw with Arsenal but that it was Tunisian international that really caught his eye.

“Wahbi Khazri was terrific today. He’s the type of player that likes to get on the ball and he likes to try and make things happen.

“But not only does he do that, against Arsenal he showed a different side to his game – more powerful and mentally strong.

“He was physical and had a big impact on this game today. He was very impressive.

“For the first 20 minutes of this game Arsenal dominated and they didn’t score when they needed to.

“But it’s like Khazri went ‘I’ve had enough now. I’m sick and tired of you lot having the ball and I’m going to try and have an impact and try and make something happen.’

“This is what happens – even when you pressure top, top players – they find it very difficult under those circumstances.

“He was very unlucky not to stick one in the bottom corner and he was always happy to receive the ball.

“And one point here he’s unfortunate not to pick Defoe out but look at that reaction (he chases and wins the ball back). You can’t imagine what that does to the Stadium of Light. They erupted when they saw that tackle.

“He was working back for his team which was fantastic. And when his defense was under pressure he would try and carry the ball and try to mount attacks for Sunderland.

“Today he was the best player by a mile for me and if he can stay in that type of form, along with Sunderland keeping the clean sheets, it’s pretty much nailed on that they’ll stay up.”