Jermaine Jenas About Pepe

With the Euro recently concluded, experts like Jermaine Jenas have much to say about the team that won the trophy.

He talks about Pepe, who is a controversial figure in the field and off the Portugal team, but he feels that the man has proven himself as being a true member of the country’s team when it mattered the most.

Being the football ambassador off Yahoo Sports, Jermaine is one of the experts who can comment on how the players performed on the field, especially when it comes to Pele who draws in controversial comments from fans and viewers across the world. We all know how the finals went with Ronaldo is down with a knee injury, but being able to have faith in his team members who were able to secure victory for the country at the end. Portugal has always been focused on Ronaldo, but among the star players of the country, it would be wrong to forget about Pepe.

Indeed, the player who is a center back definitely makes it difficult for his fans like him as he has theatrics that put his team to disadvantage several times and often he undermines his own talents by his temper and loss of control in the field. He has suffered because of this, having been barred and sent off from several big league games. But this season he has been able to hold it together and has been a man on whom the team can count upon. He has also performed well in the finals of the Champions League when the team played against Atletico Madrid. Many states that, when there are big league games and he is needed, he is often a rock on whom his team can rely upon. When he suffered from a thigh strain just before the finals it was doubted whether he would be able to contribute to the finals. However, he did battle it even then and was able to hold the team together when Ronaldo was injured and could not be active on the field.